Many people around the world struggling with managing their sugar cravings. Humans are wired to prefer sugar, as sugar consumption triggers serotonin release, the feel-good chemical, in your brain. Sugar releases endorphins and has a calming quality as well. Sweets can be tricky as giving in to the sugar cravings reinforces sugar cravings. Indulging every once in a while is fine, but overindulging is the problem. Thankfully, there are tips and tricks people can make to help lessen their sugar cravings.

It is important to know that it is ok to give in every once in a while to your sugar cravings. If one continues to deny themselves a sugary treat, the brain constantly craves sugar more than if the person had just indulged. Another tip is to combine healthy and unhealthy foods. A helpful trick is having an apple or nuts along with the treat. This way, the cravings are satisfied without fully giving in and overindulging.

However, for some people, it is easier to give up sugar completely. When making this change, the first couple of days are the toughest. After a while, the cravings will diminish and hopefully go away for good. Others may still struggle with their sugar cravings after going cold turkey, but many can better control them after the change.

If cravings hit at work and there is a box of doughnuts in the break room, try chewing gum. Gum can help control your cravings and keep the mouth busy. Chewing on gum can distract from any tempting food. Additionally, it provides a distraction so that the cravings are put aside until real hunger strikes. Chewing gum can keep the brain busy and avoid overeating.

Another tip is keeping fruit nearby. Keep fruit and healthy snacks handy. If the sugary snacks are not in the kitchen, it is easier to handle the sugar cravings. When the cravings strike, reach for a piece of fruit instead. It can be hard to beat sugar cravings. After all, humans are wired to want to eat treats. However, with work and dedication, it is possible to beat the cravings once and for all. Check out other resources for tips on how to stop cravings.

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