Shalu Chawla


About Shalu Chawla

Shalu Chawla is a Quality Assurance Engineer and Analyst and a resident of Melrose, Massachusetts. She is currently a Senior Technical Quality Assurance Analyst at the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, where she has worked since February 2013. Prior to her current position, she has worked as the Senior Quality Assurance Engineer at Fidelity Investments through Vertitude and as the Consultant Quality Assurance Engineer at ING through RSI. 

Shalu obtained her Bachelor of Engineering degree from India’s Maharshi Dayanand University in 2001 and her M.Tech in Microwave Electronics from Delhi University in 2003. Shortly after graduating with her Masters degree and getting married, Shalu and her husband migrated to the United States. She officially began working in the technology industry in 2004 and later went on to continue her education at Northeastern University in Boston, where she earned another Masters degree in Computer Systems. 

Over a decade later, she has amassed a wide variety of invaluable technical skills that have afforded her the opportunity to contribute to numerous projects for the Fortune 500 companies she’s worked for. Through the use of her strong analytical skills, Shalu is grateful for the opportunity to help improve and perfect products so that they are efficient and effective for those who later use them. Though her skill set is vast, she is particularly passionate about and adept in automation, smartphone testing, system testing, web and graphic design, and marketing analytics. 

Outside of work, Shalu Chawla enjoys spending time with her husband and their three sons, aged 5, 12, and 14. As a family, they enjoy hiking and clock a majority of their hours cheering each other on from the sidelines of their children’s hockey and baseball games. Shalu and her family are also devoted and avid travelers. Most recently, they took a trip to Florida to see the incredible Disneyworld and Universal Studios. However, out of all the places she has been, Shalu’s favorite trip to date has been to the Berkshires in the mountains of Massachusetts. Continuously amazed by the diversity and beauty found in nature, she considers the Berkshires to be one of the most beautiful places she’s seen. 

Shalu’s love for nature also gets her outside for walks on a daily basis. Wellness is important to her, so she prioritizes healthy eating and meditates often. Meditation gives her a sense of her mind and, when it comes to work, allows her to alleviate anxiousness. She is particularly fond of heartfulness meditation, a form that works to “revive in us that which is sleeping in us – the true inner being – the Self.”