Whether related to professional obligations, personal interferences, or injuries, fitness setbacks are bound to happen. Falling off the wagon is inevitable, but getting back on a healthy track is what’s important. Creating a fitness plan will help make this transition manageable and optimize making physical activity part of a daily routine.

 First and foremost, a visit to one’s physician should be a priority. Once a checkup is completed, it makes the shift to a healthier lifestyle more meaningful, especially after reassuring that one is healthy enough to begin a new routine. It’s then that a roadmap can be created to determine what fitness route is best for individuals. What’s crucial to keep in mind is that peak levels of physical performance cannot, and will not, occur overnight.

 Fitness is meant to be fun and adventurous, not a daily chore or job. Decide what kinds of activities are enjoyable, whether outdoors, at a local fitness center, or at home. Then, slowly begin to incorporate those options into each day’s routine. It’s worth noting that every workout and timeframe won’t look the same. Some days will allow for a quick, 10-minute calorie burner, while others may be up for a full-body 60-minute session. Do what works, and don’t feel guilty if it doesn’t happen some days. If one pushes too hard, too quickly, burnout and, even worse, injury is likely to be the outcome.

 Perhaps the most crucial part of easing back into a fitness routine is to focus on one step at a time. More often than not, physical fitness and nutrition go hand-in-hand. When attempting to reclaim fitness as part of a healthy lifestyle, however, the focus, at least initially, should be fitness. Many believe drastic changes also need to occur in their eating habits, setting the stage for failure. Make small changes, and spread them out over time.

 Making a fitness comeback isn’t easy but is always worth the benefits. Accomplishing small victories along the way will optimize chances for success. Understand that it won’t happen overnight, but feel satisfied after each successful activity. In no time at all, fitness will once again be part of a daily routine.